Connecting SugarCRM to Act-On

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Connecting your SugarCRM and Act-On facilitates seamless data mapping and synchronization, enabling you to import data from SugarCRM, send leads from Act-On, and maintain synchronization.

This integration serves as a fundamental component for many of your marketing automation tasks.

  • To set up the connection you'll need to be signed in as an Administrator in both SugarCRM and Act-On.
For on-premise only, you must add Act-On's IP addresses to an allowlist in your corporate IT system. Please work with your internal admin to accomplish this.

Install the Act-On Platform Registration for SugarCRM

Sugar requires you to register external APIs within the 'Platform' field of each Sugar instance for integration. More information about the platform requirements is here.

  1. Download the Act-On custom platform ZIP file. If you're on MacOS, it might unzip on its own. To upload it to SugarCRM, you might have to compress it again before uploading
  2. Using your Administrator account, sign in to SugarCRM.
  3. Click on your profile menu at the top-right corner of the screen, then select Admin.
  4. Under Developer Tools, click Module Loader:


  1. In the Module Loader, click Choose File.
  2. Select the file you downloaded in step 1, for example, and click Upload:

Connecting SugarCRM to Act-On 01.png

  1. Find the Act-On Custom Platform Registration package under the Module upload tool and select Install > Commit.
  2. Verify that the Act-On Integrated Marketing Automation package has been successfully installed in the Module Loader:


  1. Go back to the Administration page, then in the Developer Tools section, click on Configure API Platforms. Confirm that ‘act-on’ has been added to the API Platforms list:


(Optional) Create a Lead Score Field in SugarCRM

If you plan to push the Act-On Lead Score for contacts to SugarCRM in your integration, create a field in your SugarCRM account for this data to push to. Otherwise, you can skip this step.

  1. Using your Administrator account in SugarCRM, click on your profile menu at the top-right corner of the screen, then select Admin.
  2. Under Developer Tools, click Studio.
  3. Click Leads > Fields > Add Field.
  4. Specify Data Type: Integer.
  5. Add Field Name "ActOnLeadScore" (no spaces, hyphens, etc.).
  6. Enable Range Search by checking the box. This only needs to be done if you anticipate the need to search for leads based on a range of scores.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Repeat the above steps for Contacts (in place of 'Leads' in step 3 above), and for any module you want to create the lead score field.

Connect Act-On to SugarCRM

  1. Using your Administrator account, sign in to Act-On.
  2. Go to Settings > Connectors > CRM > SugarCRM.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Enter your SugarCRM credentials:
    • SugarCRM Login
    • Password
    • SugarCRM URL
  5. Click Login. A successful connection shows as:

Connecting SugarCRM to Act-On 02.png

Next Steps

Congratulations! Your SugarCRM and Act-On connection is complete.

Now, you may proceed to sync your SugarCRM data with Act-On:

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