Test A Form

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Once you've created a new Form, it's a good idea to test it!

Here's a quick checklist:

Tip: Using an incognito browser when testing Forms will prevent confusion with cookies that may identify you to Act-On.

  1. Navigate to where the Form is hosted (embedded on a page or a landing page) and submit the Form.
  2. Confirm that all fields are configured as desired (required, data type restrictions, etc)
  3. Confirm that the response page is as expected, including any personalizations
  4. Confirm that the Form submission appears on the expected list with all the expected fieldsĀ  If submitting to All Contacts, the contact should be added to the All Contacts list and the related All Contacts Form Submission list. OR, you may be submitting to Other Lists > Form Submissions list.
  5. If your Form is set to push to the CRM, confirm that all expected data was added to your CRM.
  6. Confirm that the Form response email is received as expected.
  7. Confirm that any Form alerts are received as expected.

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