Using Emails to Confirm Form Submissions

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Confirmation emails help reassure your contacts that you've successfully received their form submissions. Use confirmation emails to eliminate uncertainty and acknowledge when your contacts submit your Form to register for webinars, download gated media content, and more.

You can attach a confirmation email to your Form in the Act-On Forms Composer. The Forms Composer will redirect you to the Email Composer to create a new confirmation email or edit an email already attached to your Form.

You can also access the Confirmation Email Report to view or download metrics on your confirmation email's open and click rates, launch details, and engagement data.


Add a Confirmation Email to Your Form

  1. Go to Content > Forms
  2. Hover over your Form and click Edit  
  3. Go to Properties > Confirmation Email
  4. Click Create and add a confirmation email:  
    • You can create a new confirmation email with Blank Message or choose an existing email from Draft MessageTemplate Message, or Sent Message

    Need help creating Act-On Email Messages? Visit our Email Composer User Guide.

  5. In the Email Composer, click Save when you're done editing your confirmation email
  6. Click Close Window to return to the Forms Composer
  7. Your confirmation email will now be attached to your FormScreenshot_2021-11-24_154214.png
    • Optional: Hover over your confirmation email and click Edit Confirmation Email  to make additional edits
  8. Click OK and Save your Form


View Your Confirmation Email Report

  1. Go to Content > Forms
  2. Hover over your Form and click Edit  
  3. Go to Properties > Confirmation Email
  4. Click View Confirmation Email Report
  5. Click on the Report tab
    • Optional: Click Print or Download (as a .csv file) in the upper right corner to save a copy of your report

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