FTP Exports from Act-On Contacts

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Updating contact data to an external system can be made easy with a scheduled FTP export.

New to FTP with Act-On? Please see our FTP Setup Guide to get started.

Choose a Segment to Export

  1. Go to Contacts > All Contacts.
  2. Find the segment that contains the contacts you wish to export or use the All Act-On Contacts segment if you want to export the entire list.   
  3. Hover over the segment you want & from the  menu on the right, select Export.
  4. Select Start a new FTP export & click Next:

FTP Export modal.jpg

  1. Select a file from your FTP server that will receive the exported data, or choose Export to a new file to create a new file on your FTP server.

Export Options

FTP Export Options.jpg

6. Set your export schedule.  

7. Choose your file format options, such as field names on the first line, field separation, and field value quotations.

Select Fields

8. Select the fields to include in your export file.

FTP Export Select Fields.jpg

9.  Review your export setup.

10. Select save and choose to Export now, or Export later to wait until the next scheduled time:

FTP Export Confirmation.jpg

Tip: If your Act-On system syncs with a supported CRM, Act-On Score fields will be updated every time the CRM sync occurs. If you do not sync, use a List Maintenance program to update the score fields daily.

Managing Your FTP Export

Segments that have an FTP export will have a sync icon next to them and will show the export details in the info hovercard. To edit the export settings, from the  menu choose Export, select Manage FTP export, and click Next:

Manage FTP Export.jpg

From here you can change the export settings. To delete the export settings, use the menu at the top of the export settings page to delete the sync definition.


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