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This information is about Act-On's Marketing Network where you can create child Act-On accounts that Admin users manage in a parent account.

Best Practices

Consider Each Child Account as Separate 

Each child account is created as a distinct account, with its own branding, opt-outs, consent requirements, & reporting. 

Therefore, you will need to walk through all of the technical requirements for every child account you create, including any custom account settings, branding setup, profile, user, & from-address settings. 

Links in Shared Assets

If sharing an asset containing account-specific links, those links need to be different for the asset's recipient, so the best practice is to replace the link with a note where the new link needs to be.

For example, Admin A shares an email template (that contains a link to a Landing Page A) with child account B. When child account B uses the email template, the link needs to go to Landing Page B.
So, when sharing the email template, Admin A replaces the link with "add a link to your Landing Page here", so child account B is aware of what is required.

Sharing Images & Media Files

You can't share images & media files directly using the Marketing Network. Images & media files attached to an asset are shared when the asset is shared, however, they are shared as duplicates. The best practice is to use Act-On's image library & media library.


What assets can I share?

You can share email templates, Landing Pages, Forms, Automated Program templates, or Content Fragments.

Can I share an email or an Automated Program?

Yes, when it's saved as a template.

When an asset is shared, what happens with asset attachments, such as images?

When sharing assets to a child account, images, etc. attached to the shared asset are also shared, but as duplicates. If you don't want to share these, remove them from the asset before sharing.

Are the shared versions of assets linked to the original asset for updates, etc.?

No. If changes are made to an asset that has been previously shared, those changes will not reflect in the shared copy of the asset.

What happens with links in shared assets?

All links are copied. Some links are OK to be copied (for example a link to your organization's website), however, account-specific links, such as links to Landing Pages or opt-out links, will need editing. For example, if sharing an email template that contains an opt-out link in the footer, the opt-out link will need to be updated by the recipient, as each account needs to use its own opt-out link.

When adding an admin to a child account, does that count as one of the allotted marketing users for that child account?

No, an admin added to a child account is an administrator within the parent account.

What can I do about hitting my active contact limit?

If you have active contacts allocated to child accounts that may not currently need them, you can re-provision them to the parent account for your current requirements.

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