Sharing Automated Program Templates Between Accounts

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Act-On’s Content Sharing feature in the Marketing Network allows you to share Automated Program templates with your Child accounts.

Essentials to Get Started

  • Enable Content Sharing - By default, the Content Sharing feature is enabled for Parent accounts to share assets with Child accounts. It is possible for Child accounts to share with the Parent, but you will need to contact Support to enable this setting.
  • Add Sharing Privileges - Confirm that Sharing Privileges have been turned on in the Marketing Network. Read more about adding Sharing Privileges.


Step 1: Create an Automated Program Template

  1. Either share a previously created Automated Program or create one in the Journey Builder.
  2. Go to Automation > Automated Programs > Programs tab & find the Automated Program that you want to share as a template.
  3. Hover over the Automated Program & on the right click  then select Create template:

Sharing AP Temps Between Accs 01.png

  1. In the dialog:
    • Enter a Template name if you want a different name for the template.
    • Describe template assets in the boxes, adding a description to the sources & emails in the Automated Program to guide its use.
  2. Click Save template. A confirmation appears.

Step 2: Share & Accept Automated Program Template

  1. Go to Automation > Automated Programs > Templates tab & find the Automated Program template that you want to share.
  2. Hover over the Automated Program template & on the right click  then select Share to accounts.
  3. Select the checkboxes for the child accounts you want to share the Automated Program template with.
  4. Click Share asset. A confirmation appears.

Accept the Automated Program template in the Child account:

  1. In a Child account selected in step 3, go to Home > Inbox.
  2. Hover over the shared Automated Program template & click  
  3. Click Import. A confirmation appears.
  4. Once the Automated Program template is accepted, it appears in the default folder (go to Automation > Automated Programs > Templates tab > Default Folder).

To use the Automated Program template:

  1. Go to Automation > Automated Programs > Templates tab > Default Folder.
  2. Hover over the template & click Create Program From Template:

Sharing AP Temps Between Accs 02.png

  1. In the dialog that appears, click Create program.
  2. Edit the Automated Program in the Journey Builder.

Step 3: Review the Shared Automated Program Template

It is a best practice to review your Automated Program to make sure it is properly configured. Look out for account-specific items that may need editing, such as which email messages are selected in the Send Message steps. See our Marketing Network Best Practices & FAQs for more information.


Can I share an Automated Program? 

No. Save the Automated Program as a template as described above & share that.

Where does an Automated Program template appear once it's shared?

In a Child account that has been shared an Automated Program template, go to Home > Inbox & look for the Asset Type "Automated Program Template".

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