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When transitioning from Marketing Lists to Act-On Contacts as a central repository for your contact data, you'll want to point your Forms to submit to the All Contacts list. This immediately adds contact data to the All Contacts list while maintaining a record of Form submission data accessible from the All Contacts screen. The Upgrade Assistant can make this process easy.

Access the Upgrade Assistant

Access the Upgrade Assistant from the lightbulb at the top of your All Contacts screen:

Upgrade Helper Icon.jpg

From the Upgrade Assistant page, choose Start upgrading forms.

You can also access the Upgrade Assistant from the top of the Forms listing page.

Step 1: Select Forms

Choose Select forms to choose which Forms you want to transition to All Contacts. Act-On suggests Forms that have had recent submissions or were recently edited, however, you can navigate to All Forms to pick additional Forms. You can pick multiple Forms to update at the same time.

"Classic" Forms are not eligible for upgrading and should be updated to Act-On's "new" Forms first. If your Form is submitting data directly to your CRM, upgrading is optional, as contact data is synced from the CRM to the All Contacts list.  

Step 2:  Map Fields

In this step, Act-On tries to match your Form fields to fields on your All Contacts list. Fields that were matched automatically have a green check: 

Upgrade Asst - Form Field Matching.jpg

Review any unmatched fields and pick the correct field from the drop-down on the right. If you are collecting data on the Form that you don't want to add to the contact profile, you can choose "Don't map to contact field" at the bottom of the drop-down list. This is common for "message" fields or other data that is specific to this Form submission only. These fields are still saved with the Form submission:

Upgrade Asst- Dont Map field.jpg

Step 3:  Configure

Form submissions appear on the Form Submissions list of the All Contacts page. However, you can also create a behavioral segment of All Contacts for these Form submissions.  

Also, here you choose if you wish to archive or delete the legacy Form submission lists. Remember, this upgrade process is simply pointing the Form to All Contacts for new submissions. Be sure to import your old submissions into All Contacts if they are not already part of your All Contacts list:

Upgrade Assist Form Configure.jpg

Step 4: Review & Test

The final step lets you review one more time before completing your Forms upgrade. Once complete, you'll see the Form submission list in the All Contacts area. Be sure to test a submission to ensure that it is correctly configured and it adds to the list here:

Form submits in All Contacts menu dropdown.jpg


Upgrade Log & Revert Option

If you click on the Upgrade Assistant (light bulb icon on the All Contacts page) the Forms section shows an upgrade log. This keeps a record of all the Forms you have upgraded. From here, you can also revert a Form.

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