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Transitioning from Marketing Lists to Act-On Contacts gives you many advantages - a single, consolidated contact list, improved organizational tools, and advanced features. The Upgrade Assistant helps you easily move your marketing automation set up to All Contacts.

Access the Upgrade Assistant

Access the Upgrade Assistant from the lightbulb at the top of your All Contacts screen:

Upgrade Helper Icon.jpg

Don't see the lightbulb? Someone in your organization may have permanently dismissed the assistant by marking your update complete. You can still access it from the  menu in the upper right of the All Contacts page.

The Upgrade Assistant 

Upgrade Assistant Page.jpg

The Upgrade Assistant page helps you with the following

As you complete each section, you can mark it as complete to keep track. 

Finishing Up

The Upgrade Assistant helps with most tasks needed for a smooth transition. However once complete we recommend that you do the following: 

  • Review Marketing Lists and halt any CRM syncs. If you'll be using All Contacts now, you don't need to continue to sync your Marketing Lists.
  • Review List Maintenance programs and stop any that are no longer needed. You won't need to copy contacts from one list to another or set scores on multiple lists. You may want to create new programs if you need to set a timezone on your All Contacts or set scores (only for non-CRM integrated).
Fully done with Marketing Lists? Contact Act-On Support to request to be "Exclusively" Act-On contacts & turn off the Marketing List link.

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