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Lead scoring is a key feature that helps you prioritize leads, qualify the right leads for sales, and capture long-term sales opportunities that would otherwise have been lost. If you've integrated the Advanced Social Media Module with your account, you can even score your leads based on their social media engagement.

Scoring Criteria

Lead scoring through Advanced Social Media (Oktopost) is based on special profile fields on the marketing list that it syncs to: 

Profile Field Explanation
OktoClickTime The date when the contact engaged with your social media content
OktoClickNetwork The network the lead came from: LinkedIn, Facebook, X (Twitter)
OktoClickProfile Name of the personal/company page from which the post was published
OktoClickCampaign Name of the social campaign within the ASM module
OktoClickPostLink The title of the link that the contact clicked on

You can create rules based on these attributes to customize your lead scoring for any of them. For example, you can make social clicks during the current month worth more points than last month's clicks, or make clicks from LinkedIn worth more than those from Facebook.

Set Up Social Scoring

  1. In your Act-On account, navigate to Contacts > Scoring Rules
  2. Under the Profile section, click the blue plus icon to create a new scoring rule
  3. Under Contact Field, select any of the fields listed in the table above (these should be near the bottom of the list)
  4. Use the next two fields to create the logic for your scoring rule, such as:
    • OktoClickNetwork equals LinkedIn
    • OktoClickCampaign contains Discount
    • OktoClickTime is after date 03/03/2020 
  5. Click the Save button
  6. Enter a score next to the name of this rule
  7. Click Save at the top of your score sheet for these changes to take effect

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