Viewing and Downloading Submitted Form Data

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After completing your form, there are some additional options and reports available on the submitted data.


View Form Reports

  1. Go to Content > Forms and in Form Manager on the left, use the filters, folders, and tags to find the Form you want.

  2. In the list, hover over the Form and click View report:


  3. In the Form Report, at the top left, click the Details tab, and under Submission List, click View List:


  4. A new browser tab opens, displaying a table containing submitted data for the selected Form. 

  5. At the top right, click More Actions to access a drop-down menu with the following options:
    • Show A|B|C View – Data is shown in a table format by default (similar to an Excel spreadsheet). To organize the data by contacts alphabetically, select Show A|B|C View. To return to the table format, select Show Table View.
    • Choose Display Columns – Allows you to choose the order in which your columns are displayed within the table view. A drag-and-drop interface allows for quick and easy manipulation of columns.
    • Add Contact – Allows you to manually add a person to your list. This is a great way to quickly add a single contact to your list using all available fields from your list.
    • Add Contacts – Allows you to add multiple contacts in order to use common fields. Available input fields include First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Company Name. 
    • Change List Columns – Allows you to rename, add, and delete columns in your list
    • Identify List Columns – Allows you to inform Act-On which of your columns correspond with common business card fields like first name, last name, email address, business phone, etc. 
    • Download to Excel – Download your entire list with all field names and values in Excel format
    • Download to CSV – Download your entire list to a CSV file. This file format works well with larger lists
    • Download with Attachments Download a ZIP file containing a CSV file of the list and any associated attachments
    • Delete Duplicates – Allows you to view all entries with duplicate email addresses. Once duplicates have been identified, you may choose which profile to use

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