Creating Forms From a Template

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Form templates can save you significant time and effort. After you create one form with satisfactory branding, layout, and response settings, save it as a template to skip those steps in the future.

Save a Template

  1. In Content > Forms, open the form that you are working on (or start a new one).

  2. Decide what elements you want to keep standard across the forms you create in Act-On
    • Eg., Header, footer, fields, text blocks, links

  3. Create a form that includes only those elements (or remove all other blocks except these).

  4. Next to Save, click the down arrow and select Create a Template.

  5. Choose the template Save To Folder and whether to Include Response Settings.

  6. Click Save.
    The new template is available from Content > Forms > Templates tab:


Use a Template

  1. Navigate to Content > Forms.

  2. At the top right, click Create form.

  3. Select Start with a template and click Next.
  4. Find the Form template you want, click the button on the left to select it, and click Choose template.
    The Form Composer opens in a new tab with your template:



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