Creating a Password Field in a Form

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The Password Field option allows visitors to create a password in your Form. You can use this field for confirming sensitive information. Any characters that Form visitors type in these fields will be masked with asterisks.

Follow the instructions below to learn how you can use password fields in your Act-On Forms.


Set Up a Password Field with Forms

  1. Go to ContentForms
  2. From the Forms page, open one of your existing Forms or click New Form to create a Form
  3. Go to the Form's Design tab
  4. From the left-hand Blocks panel, click and drag a Text Box block into your Form
  5. In the Edit Input Field panel, enter a Text Label and Placeholder Label
  6. Click the Password Field slider to turn your input field into a password field
  7. Add a Field Name and Column Name to map password data to your Form's list
  8. Click OK

Want more help with creating Act-On Forms? Visit our Forms Composer User Guide.

Set Up Password Confirmation with Classic Forms

    1. Go to Content > Forms
    2. From the Forms page, open an existing Classic Form or click New Classic Form to create a Classic Form
      • Classic Forms will include two blocks by default: Section Heading and Name & Email Address 
    3. Hover over one of your Form's blocks and click New to access the Insert Form Field menu
    4. Select Confirm Password

    5. In the Edit Password Field pop-up, define the following settings for your password field:
        • Display Settings – set the PromptConfirmation Prompt, and Width for your password field
          • Prompts are labels for your password fields
        • Input Validation – Check the Make Required box to require visitors to provide a password
        • Data Field Name  – Select a column name on the list that will collect data from your Form
          • In many cases, the prompt label and data field name will be the same. On occasion, you may want to ask your users a question (e.g., The label may read "What is your favorite color?" and to keep your list manageable, you may create a field name that says "Color" for easy viewing on your list).
    6. Click Submit


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