Act-On Product Release Schedule and FAQs

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We regularly update the Act-On platform with new features, system enhancements, and bug fixes. The platform and your public content may be unavailable for brief periods during the maintenance window.

Release Schedule

Timing varies by the region where your account is hosted.


Act-On Hosts

North America acap*, forp*

Wednesday, 8:00pm PT

(Daylight Savings observed)


adepci1-4, aiep*

Thursday, 2:00am UTC

(Daylight Savings not observed)

Asia-Pacific adepci500

Fridays, 2:00am UTC+8

(Daylight Savings not observed)

If this schedule changes, we will provide updates through the channels mentioned below.

What happens during a release?

There are two separate events in a typical product update:

  1. Up to one hour delay in processing:
    • List uploads
    • Email message sends
    • CRM syncs
    • Automated Program steps
  2. A one minute restart that makes certain services unavailable:
    • Logging in to the platform
    • Access to public landing pages and forms
    • Recording of form submissions

Delayed services (#1 above) will resume once the update is complete.

Services that are unavailable (#2 above) will be functional again in under a minute.

How can I prepare for updates?

Make sure to save any work that's in progress before the update begins. Also, please account for a very brief disruption to your Act-On programs, messages, and content during the window.

What about updates outside the normal schedule?

To keep customers' accounts running smoothly, we sometimes perform proactive, unscheduled updates. This is usually done to prevent system issues long before they actually happen. We will send out communications via email and/or inside the platform to make you aware of these events.

How can I get more information?

Maintenance notifications: Subscribe to our status page at to receive email notifications for any events besides the planned weekly updates.

Feature/enhancement details: Get release notes in the Updates from Act-On section of Connect.

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