How are Top 20 Search Terms determined?

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In our Website Visitors report (go to Reports > Website Visitors), we provide a set of Top 20 search terms.   

What we do track under Top 20 Search Terms

  • Referring URLs containing query parameters
    • Example:

Today, this is primarily from searches powered by Bing. This includes searches originating from Bing properties as well as from syndicated sites (Yahoo, AOL etc.).

What we don't track under Top 20 Search Terms

  • Referrals from Google organic search or other Google search-powered properties.
    • Google does not expose query parameters to our beacon tracker.
  • Search terms included in the "utm_term" parameter of a URL.

Search Term Comparison

Search Terms are provided for the past 3 months. In the right two columns, there is an indication of whether a term moved up  or down  in rank, or if it is a new* search term compared to the last month(s).


Top 20 Search Terms

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