How Can I Use JavaScript in Act-On?

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JavaScript is supported within Act-On, but is restricted in some components of the application.

  • By default, it is disabled in Custom Stationery, Custom Content Blocks, and Rich Text Blocks. 
    • It can be enabled in these areas if your account is configured with a subdomain.
  • JavaScript is never permitted in email messages and will be automatically removed by Act-On if detected in an email being sent out.
    • Many recipient email clients or email security appliances will remove JavaScript automatically from incoming mail, or not deliver/blocklist any mail containing JavaScript (due to security concerns).

JavaScript is enabled and supported in other areas of Act-On.

  • The External Web Analytics Support text area in a form's settings supports JavaScript by default. See the article Customizing Form Appearance and Functionality
  • The Script button in the landing page editor allows you to enter JavaScript.
    • This will embed your script at the bottom of your landing page document.
    • This is an appropriate solution for most third-party analytics codes (such as Google's various tracking scripts).

If JavaScript is entered into an unsupported section of Act-On (or if the enhanced JavaScript support is not enabled for your account), your scripts will be automatically removed or hiddenThese restrictions are for security reasons, but the above-mentioned sections of the application which do support scripts make it possible to import your custom design or functionality. 

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