Set Up Zendesk Sell Users in Act-On

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To allow a Zendesk Sell user access to Act-On features, they must be added in Act-On as a Sales User.

Essentials to get started

  • Act-On Administrator credentials
  • Zendesk Sell user information, including Email Addresses, First Name, and Last Name


Add Users in Act-On

To add a user:

  1. Go to Settings > Users > Sales Users
  2. Click Add 'Sales Portal' User
  3. Enter their information
    • The user's Email Address must match.
  4. Click Add User to confirm

Optionally, if you need to add a large number of users at one time, we recommend using the Create new account user API endpoint.

Finish User Registration

Act-On will send each new user a verification email. The user must click the email link to receive a temporary password and log in for the first time.

These users will use SSO to log in from Zendesk, and they won't need a password for continued use, but their Act-On account must be activated.


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