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Act-On’s seamless integration with Zendesk Sell makes it easier for marketing to deliver more highly qualified, sales-ready leads to the sales team. Marketing can create lead-management programs that update fields, assign owners, and convert leads directly in Zendesk Sell. Your sales team never has to leave Zendesk Sell to get real-time information and complete activity history for leads and contacts, or even to send Act-On email.

Read on to learn how to integrate Act-On with Zendesk Sell.

To integrate Act-On with Zendesk Sell, you must be using Act-On Contacts.

Connect to Zendesk Sell

Before integrating, the accounts must be connected. Follow our guide for setting up your connection between Act-On and Zendesk Sell.

Connect to Zendesk Sell

Synchronize Zendesk Sell Data with Act-On

Now that you are connected, there are several steps to complete so that you can synchronize data fields, manage Act-On Contacts, generate reports based on CRM data, and send personalized emails on behalf of your sales team.

Create Custom fields for Act-On

Before syncing, we recommend setting up the custom field(s) that will enable Behavior Score visibility in Zendesk Sell. To set up these fields in Zendesk Sell, provide this guide to your Zendesk Administrator:

Set Up Behavior Score Fields for Zendesk Sell

Set Up Your Data Sync

Visit Data Management to select the desired data from your Zendesk objects and manage your Act-On Contact data mappings. This setup may be completed by an Act-On Administrator or any marketing user.

Map and Sync CRM Fields for Act-On Contacts

Set Up the Act-On Widget in Zendesk Sell

Install the App and Widget

The Act-On App in Zendesk Sell Marketplace will allow your users to utilize Act-On features directly from Zendesk Sell. You will need to work in conjunction with your Zendesk Sell Administrator to install and configure the widget.

Install Act-On for Zendesk

Set Up Sales Users

To use the widget, Act-On Administrators must register any Zendesk users who need access.

Set Up Zendesk Sell Users in Act-On


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