Getting Started with Tags

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Tags are a flexible and powerful way to organize your contact segments – and soon, any asset within Act-On. Apply multiple tags to a segment to categorize it in different ways and easily filter by tag to see your relevant segments grouped together. You can also use colors to indicate different categories of tags.

We’ll be redesigning the rest of the listing pages in Act-On over the next few months and incorporating tags throughout the application to help you keep organized!

When to use tags

Use tags to organize and categorize your segments in Contacts > All Contacts. With tags, you can:

  • Group segments by geography
  • Indicate segment relevance by year created
  • Assign segments to sales users
  • Designate industries or other demographic factors
  • Categorize segments created by you and by partners
  • Highlight important segments



Create a new tag

To create a new tag for your contact segments:

  1. Go to Contacts > All Contacts in your Act-On account.

  2. In the left-hand Segments panel, go to Tags and click Add Tag  to create a tag.

  3. Enter a name and select a color for your new tag.

  4. Click Create.

Tags New from Left Panel.png

You can also create new tags with Manage Tags. To do this:

  1. Go to All Contacts > Segments > All Segments.

  2. Hover over any segment row and click    add a tag.

  3. In the Manage Tags pop-up, type your new tag's name in the input field.

  4. Click Choose color  to select a color.

  5. Click Create tag  to create your new tag.

Tags on Segment List with Manage Tags option.png

Manage your tags

You can easily apply or remove tags for individual segments in Segments > All Segments.

Apply segment tags

Tags Manage Tag Modal.png

  1. Hover over the segment you'd like to edit and click  Manage Tags.

  2. In Choose tags, click to select the tags you want to apply.
    • Your selected tags will display a teal checkmark

  3. Click Apply.

Remove segment tags

  1. Hover over the segment you want to edit and click  Manage Tags.

  2. In Choose tags, click any highlighted tag to deselect it.
    • Your deselected tags will not display a teal checkmark

  3. Click Apply to remove these tags.

Add tags to multiple segments

You can also apply tags to multiple segments at once. To do this:

  1. Go to All Segments and check the box next to the segments you want to manage.

  2. Click Add Tags.

  3. Under Choose Tags, click each tag you'd like to add to your selected segments.
    • Note: You cannot remove existing tags when managing multiple segments

  4. Click Add.

Edit or delete tags

To edit or delete tags across all of your segments:

  1. Go to the Tags section in the Segments panel.

  2. Hover over the tag you'd like to edit or delete.

  3. Click Edit  to edit the tag's name or color and click Save.

  4. Click Delete  to delete the tag from your segments.
    • Note: Deleting a tag will not delete any associated segments

Tags Section Left Panel.png

Filter segments by tags

Tags can help you filter your segment lists. When viewing segments in All Contacts > Segments, you'll see any color-coded tags in the Tags column of your segment rows. To filter your segments by a tag, click on the desired tag. This will create a list of all segments using that tag, regardless of what folder they're currently in.

You can also filter with tags by expanding the Tags section in the Segments panel, then clicking the tag you want to use to filter your segments.


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