Syncing Form Submissions to Act-On Contacts

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When contacts fill out your Act-On form, their form submissions are collected in a Form Submission list under Contacts > Other Lists > Form Submissions.  Here's how to add your contacts' form submission data into All Contacts.


Ready to send your form submissions to All Contacts? Use one of the following two methods.

Method 1: Send all form submissions to your CRM

When building or editing your Act-On form in the Forms Composer, click on CRM Settings and enable the Push to CRM option. This will immediately send any new form submissions to your CRM. During the next scheduled CRM sync, these contacts will be sent to your All Contacts list.

Method 2: Directly submit contact data to the All Contacts list on submission

When building your form, you can choose to submit contact data directly into the All Contacts list.

Step 1:  After selecting the form submission list for this form, check the "Send to Act-On Contacts" box.   Optionally, you can also create a query-based segment in All Contacts for these form submissions.


Tip!  If you don't see these checkbox options, your account may not be activated for Act-On Contacts form submission.  Please contact technical support for assistance.

Step 2:  When adding a field, you can choose either a Contact field or a Form Data field.   The Contact field drop down includes all the standard contact fields you've defined for Act-On Contacts.   Select the field from the drop down if you want this data to be added to your All Contacts list in addition to the form submission list.  If a field is not appearing on the drop down, it could be because its not a compatible data type with the form field you've selected (i.e. a date field can not populate a boolean or number field).


Some forms may contain fields that are not appropriate to add to your All Contacts list. For instance, if you are asking for feedback on a particular event, or collecting data regarding a short-term project, you may not want to add this field to your standard contact list.    For these fields, select the Form Data Field option and enter a field name.  These fields will be added to the form submission list but not to the All Contacts list.

Fill out the remaining fields.  The selected Contact field will be the "Column name" and you can set the Field name to match. 

Step 3:   Review the Contact Record Updates section in Properties > Response


This will determine how existing contacts in the All Contacts list are updated with new form submissions.   For example, if an existing contact submits a new form with a different job title, do you want this data to be updated?  The default is "Update only blank fields", but you can change it to "Update all fields" if you wish. 

Tip! If the CRM Settings for this form are set to push to your CRM on form submission, the contact data will not immediately be added to All Contacts.  This is to avoid duplicate contact records.  The contact will sync to All Contacts on the next CRM sync.

Updating an existing form to submit to Act-On Contacts

You can edit existing forms (see note below) to activate the "Send to Act-On Contacts" feature. For any standard contact field on the form, edit that field and set it to a Contact field, selecting the proper field from the drop-down. For form fields that you don't want to submit to All Contacts, no editing is necessary. 

Before updating to submit to Act-On Contacts, 'Classic Forms' must be converted in Act-On's New Forms Composer.

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