New List Maintenance Program Page and Additional Features

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What's Changing

We have released an updated List Maintenance Program section.

List Maintenance programs allow you to run scheduled actions on a list or segment, including updating field values, or copying data from one list to another.  The new section replaced the current List Maintenance Program section, and existing programs were migrated.  The new section includes:

  • A better overall user experience that more closely matches the Automated Programs workflow
  • New organizational tools to keep track of your programs, such as multi-level subfolders and color-coded tags
  • Support for programs to change fields on Act-On Contacts segments (part of the Act-On Contacts initiative)
  • Tracking the history of program creation and edits
  • A new Change Field option to set the field to today's date (great for recording contact behaviors or status transitions)
  • A new option to include personalizations in the Change Field step, for example, you can change Full Name to {{First}} {{Last}} or pull in related CRM object data.


April 12, 2023.

Customer Impact

The new features are currently available to all users.

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