Deciding when to update your API credentials

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At Act-On, we want to be the most user-friendly, intelligent, and open marketing automation platform in the industry. As we continuously work to enhance and expand our API capabilities, we're excited to announce that we will be upgrading our API manager on December 11, 2023.

Ultimately the decision of when and how to update your connected application is up to you and the development group that supports you. But, even with help, the decision may not be clear. The flow chart below is how we are thinking about and coaching clients through this decision.

If the answer is “update before December 11,” the steps for that can be found here. You’ll also find the link to book time with a support engineer who can talk this through with you.

If the answer is “update on December 11,” it’s actually the same article, but you can skip a few steps!

Other Decision Options

If the decision tree doesn’t help you, here are a few other ways of thinking about this update.

Ultimately you have two options:

  1. Update and deploy your application to use the new Base URL and new credentials before the upgrade on December 11th. 
  2. Wait until December 11th and then update your environment to use the new credentials. There will be a break in the connection, but you can likely avoid any changes to your code.

Accounts who should update early

This option is recommended for:

  • Agency and Partner Accounts: If you manage multiple accounts within your marketing network, updating your credentials before December 11th allows you to make sure your accounts have a smooth transition.
  • Multiple API Connections: If you connect to our API multiple ways, updating your credentials in advance can help you avoid rushing to restore your API connection on the day of the upgrade.
  • Zero Service Disruption: If your business cannot afford API service disruption, updating before the deadline is the safest choice.

Accounts who should wait until December 11

This option is suitable for those who:

  • Have a Single API Connection: If you have a single API connection and can manage the update without significant service interruptions, waiting until December 11th is an option.
  • Have a Limited Number of Accounts: You have only one or just a few accounts within your marketing network and can update easily without significant disruptions.
  • Want to Avoid Code Changes: If making code changes poses challenges, you can wait for the deadline, though it may result in a temporary break in the connection until you have updated your credentials.

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