Act-On Analytics: KPI Alerts, Tags & More

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We've got some exciting enhancements to share for our Act-On Analytics users! 

What's Changing

KPI Alerts

Subscribers to our Dynamic Business Analytics or Premium AI Analytics packages now have the option to set up an e-mail alert for any KPI-style data point. Click on the Alert icon to create an alert.

KPI Alert Icon on Widget.jpg

The alert scheduling screen allows you to set conditions to trigger the alert or set up a regularly scheduled alert. Add subscribers (even non-Act-On users) who will receive the alert in their inbox.

KPI Alert.jpg

Please contact your account manager to learn more about subscribing to Analytics. 


Tags are used to organize Forms & Landing Pages (and will be coming next year to Emails & Media). Tags are a convenient way to group by topic, industry, division, or time period. We've added the Tag attribute to the Form & Landing Page worksheets, so it can be used as a filter when creating custom content or when clicking on the "Explore" option for any visualization.

LP Tag in Explore.jpg

Landing Page Click Data

We've added some additional visualizations to the Landing Page liveboard to include click data and a visualization of what links are getting the most clicks. 


These updates were released on December 14, 2023.

Customer Impact

Additional features are available to use based on subscription level for Analytics.


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