Marketing Network: Account Management Pages Upgrade

What’s Changing

Act-On is upgrading the Marketing Network account management pages!

Marketing Network Account Management Pages Upgrade 01.png

  • The marketing network users on the parent account will have a new interface to view and manage the child accounts.
  • Admin users will have increased stats about their child account and active contacts availability.
  • Admin users and managers on the parent account can search, sort, and filter the child accounts. Admin users can create folders and add child accounts to those folders for better organization.
  • Admin users will have a new interface for assigning managers to accounts.
  • The marketing network will be added to the main navigation for all marketing network users. Under the new navigation item users can find all associated marketing network pages including account management, managers, contact usage, and any others they may have. This new navigation item will also be where child account users can view the Inbox and navigate back to the parent, if available.


Beta starts Monday, December 11, 2023 with a general release planned for early January. Reach out to if you are interested in joining the beta.

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