Customize Form Alert Routing with Conditional Rules

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What's Changing

Form submission alerts are an important tool to notify your team of incoming leads or inquiries. Now you have more flexibility to route these alerts based on the contents of the form submission.  Route service issues to the support department and sales issues to the sales team, or route based on product interest, region, etc. 

To set up form alert conditions, edit your form. On the design tab, choose Form Conditions:

Add a rule and set the logic based on the form responses you are interested in. From the Do drop-down, select Send Alert and enter the email address. 

For full details, see Customize Form Alert Routing Based on Submitted Data.


This feature will be activated for form alert beta users on April 12, 2023.  If you are interested in beta testing this feature, you can sign up here. The feature will be made generally available after several weeks of beta feedback. 

Customer Impact

Once generally released, this is a feature that will be available to all customers.  Existing form alerts will not be impacted unless configured with these rules.

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