Updated List Picker Throughout Act-On

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What's Changing

Act-On has developed a new "List Picker" which is used throughout the application to let you choose lists and segments for use in various features.  You've probably already seen the new list picker in action in the Automated Programs area. Now, it's available throughout most of Act-On:


General release April 18, 2023 (Some customers had an earlier release).

Customer Impact

The new list picker offers a number of advantages including:

  • Full support for Act-On Contacts segment selection
  • Ability to filter by Favorites and Folders (for Marketing Lists) and also by Tags, Created by Me, and Recent for Act-On Contacts segments
  • Quick view of segment details including query definition for Act-On Contacts segments
  • Search functionality
  • Improved design

Act-On Contacts is a new feature designed to consolidate all contact data into a single list, with better tools for organization. Click here to learn more or to request activation for your account.

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