Zoom Webinar Reminder Email Improvements

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What's Changed

Act-On’s built-in integration with Zoom enables the management of email messages with potential registrants, registrants, and attendees directly from the webinar experience. Our new release allows Reminder emails to be scheduled up to 5 minutes prior to the webinar start. It also triggers these emails immediately at the scheduled time and bypasses the marketing email queue to ensure timely delivery and increased attendance rates.

Why Use Act-On for Zoom Webinar Reminders?

  • Workflow is already embedded in Act-On and you can add multiple reminder emails directly from Act-On
  • You can use Act-On templates or previously sent emails and the webinar information such as Date & Time and calendar links will always be up to date
  • Engagement email metrics will be reported in Act-On's webinar detail screen and can be included in any other Act-On report or campaign:

  • You can segment and score contacts in Act-On based on prior email and webinar engagement to optimize future webinar campaigns


November 2022.

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