Improved Visibility Into Running Automated Programs

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What's Changing

We’re excited to announce more improvements to Automated Programs. You can open Automated Journey Builder navigation tabs and steps even when the program is running. 

For example, you might want to see exactly what logic the branch step A-4 is using here:

Previously, if the program was running, you had to navigate to the Steps tab on the Automated Programs Dashboard. Now, to see a view-only version of the step details, you can simply click on the step in the Automated Journey Builder:

All of the tabs in the Automated Journey Builder are now clickable as well. You can click on to view-only versions of General Settings, Program Messages, Lists & Segments & Early Exits. 

These changes will make it easier and faster to understand what a running program is doing. To edit any of the program settings or steps, you will still need to pause the program first.


September 7, 2022.

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