Streamlined Navigation and More Improvements to Automated Programs

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What’s Changing

We’re bringing the Automated Programs editing and reporting interfaces under a single header. You’ll be able to easily navigate between building programs to viewing program reporting inside a single interface. 

New tabs with dropdown menus make it easy to navigate inside an Automated Program:

When you edit a paused or draft program, Act-On automatically detects when the program has unsaved changes and displays a Save Changes button. When a program has no unsaved changes or is running, you’ll see an Action menu. 

We’re also adding a Start step to the Steps page. The Start step displays how many contacts are waiting to enter the program, how many contacts started the program, and how many exited at the beginning of the program due to suppression rules. When expanded, the Start step shows the program source list(s) and/or segment(s). 

Last, but not least, we're adding a visual indicator into the program flow when the step has an error (i.e. is missing a required configuration). This helps identify areas of the program that are in need of some more work.


Released on November 3, 2022.

Customer Impact

These changes further streamline and simplify the Automated Programs user experience, provide more clarity on how contacts move through programs, and make it easier to identify errors in the program flow.

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