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What's Changing

As part of our ongoing initiative to redesign and modernize the Act-On user interface, we’re launching an updated version of the Profile page:

If you are an Admin user, you’ll notice that Organization, Address, and Policies are no longer managed on the Profile page. We’re consolidating account-wide Admin settings to the newly designed Custom Account Settings page and are making the following changes:

  • Organization and Address have moved from Profile to Custom Account Settings > Company
  • Policies have moved from Profile to Custom Account Settings > Security

Marketing and sales users won’t experience the above change and will be able to manage their own profile, password, and email notification settings from the new Profile page as before. 

With the redesign of the Profile page, we are removing the ability to set a “Text Alert” address on the Profile page. This feature allowed our customers to set a default alert address that received Website Prospector alerts as text messages rather than as emails.

If you did not have a Text Alert address set up under your Profile page, you no longer see that section, and no action is needed. 

If you do have a Text Alert address set up, you’ll see an option to remove the Text Alert address. Removal is optional and permanent. This change only impacts the Profile page user interface. Existing Website Prospector alerts are not impacted. You can also create new Website prospector alerts using an address that receives alerts as text messages.


September 7, 2022.

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