Improvements to User Management

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What’s Changing

We’re improving how Act-On admin users invite new users and manage user permissions.

Key changes include:

  • Redesigned Settings > Users page
  • Improvements to the new user invitation email with the ability to add a custom greeting
  • New welcome email with helpful tips & tricks for new users
  • More bulk options for inviting and managing users
  • Ability to copy permissions from another user
  • Better tools for finding and organizing users (search, sort)

We’ll continue supporting existing features, such as importing and updating sales users from CRMs. Permissions are unchanged and existing users are not impacted by these usability-focused changes. 

Here’s a preview of the new Settings > Users page:

Here’s what the new multi-user invite modal looks like:

Here’s how you can copy permissions from an existing user and apply them to existing or new users individually or in bulk:

We’ve also freshened up the email alert that your users will receive when they are added to Act-On.  A custom message can be added during the user creation process to personalize the alert: 

Once the user accepts the alert, sets their password, and logs into Act-On, they will receive a Welcome email with helpful tips & tricks to get them started. Sales users will receive content tailored to the sales experience with Act-On:


Released on November 3, 2022.

Customer Impact

Act-On admin users have better visibility into current users and their permissions and can make edits quickly. They can copy permissions from another user rather than specifying permissions per user. And they can more easily manage invitations to multiple new users and customize the contents of the invitation text. 

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