Intelligent Spam Bot Attack Detection & Filtering in Act-On Forms

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Act-On's web form capabilities that secure forms from Spam Bot abuse have been updated. This is another form of protection for your forms that goes beyond the use of CAPTCHA and double opt-in flows.

What's Changed

We've added intelligence to the validation of Act-On submitted form data that will detect and filter activity from spam bots attacks. Filtering rules range from the format of Name-related-fields data, such as URLs, to IP addresses with suspicious activity. Detection intelligence will be continually updated as we observe new ways spam bots use to attack forms.


October 17, 2022.

Customer Impact

The proactive filtering of any bot submissions will protect your email list quality, sender-reputation, and prevent a negative impact on your email deliverability.

Is there anything I need to do?

There is no user configuration on the form required. Our software will automatically flag any questionable entries submitted from any new and existing forms.

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