CRM Integration Update: Act-On now fully integrates with Zendesk Sell!

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What's Changing

We are excited to announce additional updates to our seamless and bi-directional integration with Zendesk Sell CRM! These additional features listed below will enable your organization to accelerate and cultivate strong sales, product, and marketing alignment. 

Rapid Lead Transfer

The Act-On/Zendesk Sell integration enables marketers to provide sales-qualified leads in a timely manner. This connection allows for:

    • Immediate lead creation from form submissions
    • Immediate lead creation from webinar registrations

Holistic Nurturing

Get Sales and Marketing on the same page and tailor your lead-nurturing campaigns.

  • Add leads to your CRM campaigns from individual Automated Journey Builder steps across multi-channel and multi-touch outreach programs
  • Update contact information with each new form submission or activity
  • Personalize email recipient data using CRM-specific fields, such as:
    • Lead Object
    • Contact
    • Organizations
    • Deals
    • Owners
    • Users
  • Personalize email sender information using an automatic “Sales Owner” signature
  • Deliver purchase-ready and informed buyers to your sales team

Funnel Optimization

Understand where all of your contacts are in their buyer journeys and deliver based on their actual needs.

  • Import specific customer groups
  • Ensure up-to-date data and records
  • Segment by basic or advanced profiles and behaviors


Combine marketing and sales data for accurate reporting.

  • Funnel Report - Bring sales data directly from the CRM in real-time to see where your customers are at each stage of their buying journey
  • Revenue Impact Report - Identify all the marketing channels that have the most impact on your sales funnel
  • Revenue Attribution - Identify all the marketing tactics that have the most impact on sales to inform improvements to your buyer’s journey

Sales Insights and Outreach

Gain a crystal clear understanding of contact outreach and behaviors without leaving Zendesk Sell. 

  • The Hot Prospect dashboard details your most valuable and promising leads
  • Rapid contact reporting for near real-time outreach
  • Email prospects directly through Zendesk Sell using:
    • Act-On templates
    • Act-On signatures
    • Activity tracking
    • Lead scoring influence

Please review our Integration Guide on how to get started.


April 2022.

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