Act-On Contacts Early Adopter Opt In Release

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What's Changing

Act-On Contacts is a new and improved way to manage contacts and segments within Act-On. Instead of multiple marketing lists, the single All Contacts list provides a unified view of your contact data.


  • Create a single, consolidated contact list that eliminates duplicates
  • Simplify CRM syncing and combine Leads & Contacts to streamline segmentation
  • Organize your contact segments with nested sub-folders, tags, drag & drop, and an overall improved user experience
  • Easily view your Active Contacts tracking for the month
  • Form submissions can be added directly to the All Contacts primary list
  • Improve A/B segment creation

Act-On Contacts can be activated in your account along with Marketing Lists as you transition data. Sync contacts from your CRM and import from existing marketing lists or CSV files to create your primary All Contacts list.


Act-On Contacts is available for customers to opt-in from February 1, 2023. Please click here to learn more and sign up.

Customer Impact

Customers who opt-in will see the new All Contacts screen in the left navigation and will have the ability to create their primary contact list and map fields to sync with CRM. No marketing list functionality will be changed, although it is possible to turn off the Marketing lists once data is fully transitioned.

If you currently sync contact data with Microsoft Dynamics or rely on FTP sync to import contacts, Act-On Contacts is not quite ready for your use case. Hang tight, because we’ll be announcing these integrations later this year.

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