New Content Fragments Listing Page

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What’s Changing

We’re updating the Content Fragments listing page to our new listing page UI/UX. 

Listing pages are where you view and organize your marketing assets. Those assets include your landing pages, forms, emails, automated programs, templates, images, media files, and content fragments. 

The updated Content Fragments page will allow you to:

  • Organize your content fragments into subfolders
  • Create groups of content fragments with tags
  • Find content fragments easily with improved filters, search, and sort.
  • Easily manage content fragments in bulk
  • All in a redesigned, modern UI/UX!

How you create and use content fragments in the Form Composer remains unchanged. And you’ll continue to have access to pre-built fragments in our Content Catalog.

Here’s a preview of the new Content > Content Fragments  page:

Learn more about Content Fragments and how they can help streamline form building.


Released to all customers on January 18, 2023.

Customer Impact

The ability to organize assets into subfolders has long been a popular feature request. Our new listing pages will support subfolders, tags, and other organization and discovery improvements. Our new listing page interface is already in use in Act-On Contacts (beta). After Content Fragments we plan to update the Automated Programs listing page, including program templates. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming listing page updates!

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