Enhancements to Automated Programs

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We’ve been hard at work on significant improvements to Automated Programs reporting to enhance the user experience. We’re excited to announce the full rollout of these improvements.

What’s Changing?

  • The new Automated Programs reporting dashboard replaces our classic program dashboard – the classic dashboard will no longer be available
  • The Automated Programs listing page has a new set of navigation and action icons
  • The Automated Journey Builder is now the default program editor

Other changes include:

  • We’ve renamed the Stopped program state to Paused 

What’s new on the Automated Programs listing page

When hovering over a program name, you’ll see a new set of navigation and action icons:

These icons (from left to right) are:

  • Automated Programs Dashboard – links to the new reporting dashboard
  • Edit in the Automated Journey Builder – links to the Automated Journey Builder
  • Start or Pause the program
  • Add to Favorites

The 3 dots icon opens an overflow menu with the following options for your program:

  • Duplicate
  • Create Template
  • Classic Editor – links to the classic program editor
  • Delete

Clicking the Plus icon to create a new program now automatically opens the Automated Journey Builder. This icon previously allowed you to choose between using Automated Journey Builder or the Classic Editor. You can no longer create new programs in the Classic Editor. New programs created from templates will also open in the Automated Journey Builder instead of the Classic Editor. 

However, once you’ve created a new program with the Automated Journey Builder, you can still edit it in the Classic Editor. To do this, hover over the program you’d like to edit and click the 3 dots icon, then click Classic Editor.

We’re no longer adding new features to the Classic Editor and plan to phase it out over time.

Learn more

Want to leave us feedback? You can do this directly in the Automated Programs Dashboard and Automated Journey Builder or reach out to Act-On Support. Thanks!


North America & Europe: May 31, 2022, 9 pm PST.
APAC: June 1, 2022, 12 pm PST.

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