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What’s Changing

Marketers can now leverage the power of AI to help write email content! Within the email editor’s rich text block, you can now “Create with AI” to write more creative emails and save time drafting email content.

Act-On provides you with a guided prompt to share details on what your email is about, which is then used for AI to generate your email content. Fields in the guided prompt include the type of content you are creating (email, paragraph, or headline), the marketing intent of your message (i.e. a webinar, event, promotional, etc.), tone of voice (i.e. friendly, professional, casual, etc.), and your company name and URL for relevant context. The email summary field allows you to provide the details of what you are writing about. Additional instructions for how to write the content can also be included here.

Once you have completed the prompt fields, you will select Create content to see AI in action. You have the option to try again for a different response. Prompt fields can be left alone or adjusted for new content.

Once you like the generated content, it can be inserted into the rich text editor and saved into the email message.




Available on June 6, 2023.

Customer Impact

All customers will have this feature enabled on their accounts.

It is up to each account administrator to turn on the feature’s visibility in the software. This can be found under Settings > Other Settings > Custom Account Settings > Labs tab.




  • Is there a limit on how many prompts and AI content I can generate?
    No, there is no usage limit.

  • Can I reply directly to the generated content for response modifications?
    At this time, you cannot interact with the generated content. You can only send a one-way prompt and receive a single response. However, you can modify the prompt fields and add further instructions within the Email summary field to help narrow the scope of your desired content.

  • Is there a cost for my company to use Act-On AI Create?
    There is no cost to your company at this time. Customers will receive communications if this is to change in the future.

  • Why is Act-On AI Create not available in my email editor?
    Be sure to check that the feature is enabled in the Labs tab on the Custom Account Settings page. Due to the integration with OpenAI and the sending and receiving of content, the updated Services Agreement should be reviewed. By self-enabling this feature, the Admin user is acknowledging Act-On's legal disclaimer and updated Services Agreement.

  • Can I use Act-On AI Create in other places of Act-On outside the email editor?
    Currently, this feature is only available in the email editor. The product team is planning future development for this feature, which includes expanding its use to other areas of Act-On.


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