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What’s Changing

We updated Forms listing pages to our new listing page UI/UX. 

Forms listing pages are where you view, manage, and organize your Forms and Form templates.

The new listing pages allow you to:

  • Organize your Forms and Form templates into folders & subfolders
  • Use tags to group and find related Forms and Form templates
  • Find Forms and Form templates easily with improved filtering:
    • Filter to show only Classic or New Forms (if the account has both)
    • Filter to show only Forms connected to a specific CRM
    • Filter to show only Forms connected to a specific webinar solution
  • Search Forms or Form templates and sort tables
  • Use bulk actions to easily organize or manage multiple Forms or Form templates

Here’s a look at the new Forms listing page:

And here’s a look at the Form Templates listing page:


Note that Form templates are no longer accessed from the main left navigation menu but are found as a tab under the main Forms listing page.

In addition, we’re introducing a new user interface for single-form settings and reporting. The new user interface is accessible from the Forms listing page. Inside, you’ll find information about the Form in the Details tab and can access and configure various options related to the Form. In the Reports tab, you can access reporting on individual Forms.

Here’s a look at the new single-form interface (Details tab):

Note that we are not updating the single-form report at this time. We are bringing the existing reports inside the new single-form UI.

From a navigation standpoint, we are moving many of the options currently in the listing page overflow menu inside the new single-form interface. The previous menu looked like this:

The new menu looks like this:

These items from the listing page menu will be moved inside the new single-form interface:

  • Clear Form Report
  • View Survey Results
  • Download Submitted Data
  • Show Underlying List
  • Embedded Pages
  • View Salesforce Push Errors


June 2023 (gradual rollout beginning June 14th).

Customer Impact

The ability to organize assets into subfolders has long been a popular feature request. Our new listing pages will support subfolders, tags, and other organization and discovery improvements. All customers will now gain access to these features for Forms. 


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