Visually Track Unsaved Changes in the Email Editor

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What's Changing

We have added a new visual status indicator "Unsaved changes" within the email editor that lets you see when you have made changes but not yet saved those changes. Once you have saved your message, the status indicator disappears. Hovering over the status indicator shows you when your last change was made.

Additionally, you will no longer be prompted to confirm closing the message if you have not made any changes. The verbiage and buttons have also been updated to be more contextual to the action you are taking. When there are unsaved changes and you click Close, you will be asked if you want to save before closing or simply discard changes.

Here are a couple of visuals on what these changes look like:




Additional functionality to note: Act-On currently autosaves changes (every 20 seconds) for a user in the event an email is accidentally closed. So, if you close the browser tab, your recent changes will persist the next time you open the email. Changes are saved only for the user who made said changes. If you explicitly choose to close the email and discard changes, the changes will not be kept.


The update will be available to all customers on July 20, 2023.

Customer Impact

This new feature will be made available automatically for all Act-On customers.

It is paired with the recent Undo feature. If for any reason a customer wishes to remove this feature or the undo feature, both will be disabled together. 

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