Act-On AI Predictive Lead Score

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What's Changing

Act-On brings the power of AI to lead scoring! AI Predictive Lead Score leverages our proprietary machine learning models to help you identify leads that are most likely to convert. 

AI Predictive Lead Score is presented in the Act-On Contact Report as a percentage value. The percentage value represents the likelihood of the contact converting to a customer. 

AI Predictive Lead Scores are available in Act-On’s segmentation engine, allowing you to group contacts based on their scores:

Segments using AI Predictive Lead Scores as criteria can then be used in audience selection, email campaign targeting, and automated programs. 

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Available from September 5th, 2023 for eligible accounts. Unfortunately, this feature is not currently supported for European customers.

Customer Impact

AI Predictive Score is a new AI-powered feature that can help simplify lead scoring and improve marketing outcomes. It’s available for accounts that meet eligibility criteria. Account must be connected to a CRM and have a sufficient volume of CRM deals and associated Act-On tracked behaviors. Interested accounts will be evaluated for eligibility.

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