Apple Link Tracking Protection

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What’s Changing

This year, Apple announced changes that will impact links marketers place in emails. These changes will roll out with the release of iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and Safari 17. Apple has confirmed that the rollout of iOS 17 will begin on September 18, 2023.
What is Apple’s Link Tracking Protection?

From Apple’s Press Release:
“Some websites add extra information to their URLs in order to track users across other websites. Now this information will be removed from the links users share in Messages and Mail, and the links will still work as expected. This information will also be removed from links in Safari Private Browsing.”

In short, this means that Apple may (at its discretion) remove tracking parameters from URLs.


From September 18, 2023.

Customer Impact

Based on available information, we do not believe Link Tracking Protection will impact links in Act-On emails and landing pages. There is a publicly known list of tracking parameters Apple plans to remove, and Act-On is not included.

Act-On will continue to monitor for changes as this goes live. If there are any changes on Apple’s end, Act-On has plans to update and address them.


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