Act-On Contacts CRM Enhancement: Field Level Push Policies (Released)

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What's Changing

Act-On Contacts users who sync with a CRM now have greater control over what fields Act-On can overwrite in their CRM.  

The default setting is a 2-way push, meaning that the CRM will update Act-On, and Act-On will update the CRM if data in a mapped field changes. 

Users can now change the default to a 1-way push, meaning Act-On will not overwrite any data in the CRM. Users can also change the setting on a per-field basis to control which fields Act-On is allowed to update.

CRM Field level push policy.jpg


This feature is generally available to Act-On Contacts users as of October 19, 2023.

Customer Impact

The ability to have granular field-level control has been a request of many Act-On Contacts users and for some, this has blocked the ability to fully migrate away from marketing lists and into the single All Contacts environment. This new feature will help customers take full advantage of the new All Contacts features while maintaining control over their CRM data.

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