Webex Webinars and Act-On Upgrade: Released!

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We are excited to announce we've updated Act-On’s integration with Webex Webinars to use New Forms (otherwise known as Lab Forms).

What's Changed

Pre-Upgrade (Classic Form) Post Upgrade (New Form)

Form Builder Experience

builder - classic.png

Form Builder Experience

New form builder.png

Form Design Options

Design - classic.png

Form Design Options

New form design options.png

Cannot re-use previously created Forms

create single - classic.png

Can copy an existing Form

copy option - new.pngNew - copy form.png

Form is standalone

Form is embedded in Landing Page

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 9.45.38 AM.png

Promotional links created in Webinars

Promotional - classic.png

Promotional links created from embedded Landing Page

landing page - URLs.png


From Sep 29, 2023.

Customer Impact: How Does This Affect My Existing Webinars?

The upgrade will not impact any webinars with registrations in progress. The new Forms option will be available for new webinars after the upgrade.

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