List Picker Improvements (Based on your requests!)

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What's Changing

Earlier this year Act-On released a new "List Picker" - this is where you pick what lists or segments you want to email, add to a program, invite to a webinar, etc. We got some feedback: you wanted more flexibility in how to format the screen and how to find the lists and segments you are looking for. So we've made some small enhancements that will hopefully make a big impact on usability.

List PIcker UI Improved Annotated.jpg

1. Folders & Filters: For most list types, the screen will default to your "Favorites" for quick and easy access. If you don't have any favorites, it will open your "default" folder. No default folder? Then you'll see all lists or segments.

2. Movable sidebar: You told us it can be hard to see the full list or segment name sometimes. To help maximize space, you can now adjust or collapse the side panel of filters & folders.

3. Expand / Collapse Hierarchy: Want to see all your segments expanded? Just use the Expand All button at the top of the screen.


This change was released on October 5, 2023.

Customer Impact

Customers should see this change immediately when using the list picker.

Thanks to customers who provided feedback on this project! To submit a product idea or suggestion, check out our Feature Requests page on Connect.

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