Released: New Personalized From "Fallback Sender"

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What's Changing

Act-On's Personalized From feature is a great way to customize your emails with a sales owner's name as the sender. Typically, Act-On uses data you've defined in your CRM or on a marketing list, but if any contacts don't have a sales owner defined, the email can fail to send. Learn more about personalized from.

With the new 'fallback' sender, you can choose a sender to use if the sales owner is not found for an individual contact.

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This feature was released on November 2, 2023.

Customer Impact

The Fallback Sender prompt will appear whenever Personalize From Address is chosen as the sender. The user can select from their normal list of senders.

Please note:  This feature only works with Personalize From, which is compatible with Act-On Contacts for all CRMs and non-CRM users. This is not currently available for the SalesForce Owner sender setting, which is used for SalesForce CRM in conjunction with Marketing Lists. SalesForce users who wish to take advantage of this feature should consider migrating to Act-On Contacts.

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