Improvements to listing pages (based on your feedback!)

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What’s Changing

We’ve made the following updates to listing pages based on customer feedback:

  • We’ve increased the width of the Title column. This addresses issues where the title was cut off when viewing listing pages, especially on smaller screens.
  • To allocate more space for the Title column, we’ve made the Tags column narrower. Tags are displayed in the flattened state by default to fit into the narrower column.
  • Info tooltip includes full asset name (previously longer names were cut off).
  • Titles and folder names now have mouse-over titles if the full name cannot be displayed. This applies to listing pages and asset pickers.

These changes have been applied to the following listing pages:

  • Act-On Contacts
  • Email templates
  • Forms and form templates
  • Landing pages and landing page templates
  • Content fragments

And will be applied to the following in our next UI release on November 1:

  • Automated Programs and Automated Program templates
  • List Maintenance Programs


Released on Oct 19, 2023.

Customer Impact

These updates make it easier to locate assets on our listing pages and are available to all customers. We have some additional UI/UX improvements in the works based on your feedback. Keep the feedback coming!

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