Released: List Picker Search Improvements (Based on your feedback!)

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We're making some changes to the List Picker search results based on feedback from our users!

What's Changing

When you search for a list or segment in the list picker, we previously showed just the search results, but no context as to the hierarchy. If you have similarly named segments, it can be hard to tell which one to pick without knowing the parent segment or list. This was especially problematic with webinar lists, as they all have identical subsegments.

Now, when you search, the results screen will show you the matching lists & segments but still give you access to their child segments:

List Picker Segment Hierarchy child.jpg

In addition, if your search results include a subsegment, you'll have access to the parent segment hierarchy in the "Segment Tree" column and can navigate to see that hierarchy:

List picker search hierarchy.gif


This change was released on November 2, 2023.

Customer Impact

This will impact the list picker which is used throughout Act-On. This impacts all customers who are using this list picker.

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