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Now that you've created an amazing Liveboard in Act-On Analytics, share it with your colleagues!

What's Changing

Users of Act-On's Advanced Analytics now have the option to share custom content and schedule email delivery of Liveboards for themselves and their colleagues.

Sharing a Liveboard or Answer

Use the "Share" icon at the top of the Liveboard or Answer to share this content with your colleagues:

Share button.jpg

The share screen will allow you to enter your co-worker's email and choose their permissions. Once shared, the Liveboard or Answer appears on their list of content:

Share liveboard.jpg

Check "Make this Liveboard discoverable" to allow any user in your account to find this Liveboard on their home page list or when searching.

If you select Send notification with the share the recipient will receive an email with a link to the shared content. They will need to log in to Act-On to see the content.

Scheduling a Liveboard

If you wish to receive Liveboard data on a schedule via email, take a look at the "Schedule" function on the liveboard menu.

Schedule Liveboard Menu.jpg


From here you can add recipients, set your schedule, and choose your settings.   You can add recipient emails that are not Act-On users by typing the email and using the + sign to the right of the email field.


Liveboard Schedule Set Up.jpg

The scheduled liveboard will appear as a PDF or a CSV attached to the email. 

Please note:  These emails are sent from Please add this email to your address book to ensure delivery.

Use the "Manage Schedules" menu option from any liveboard to edit or remove the schedule.


This feature was released on November 2, 2023, to users with the Advanced Analytics feature (if you see "Analytics" in your main navigation menu, that's you!)


Customer Impact

All customers with Advanced Analytics will have access to this feature. How to tell...

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