New Email Composer FAQs

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Where Can I Use the New Email Composer?

Here's where you can use the new Email Composer in Act-On: 

Feature New Email Composer Support
Outbound > New Message Yes
Outbound > Drafts Yes
Outbound > Sent Messages Yes
Content > Email Templates Yes
Automated program emails Yes
Form confirmation emails Yes
Please note that the new Email Composer is currently in Open Beta.

Coming Soon

We plan to have the new Email Composer available in the following areas:

  • Event Triggered Email
  • RSS to email
  • Webinars
  • A/B testing
  • API-driven sending
  • CRM users
  • Campaigns
  • Act-On Contacts listing page 
  • Marketing List sending
  • Act-On Anywhere
  • Marketing Network (sharing)
  • Behavior segmentation (selecting specific messages)
  • Extended lists

Saved Rows

Can buttons be saved, like the Rows can be saved?

Yes. To save a button, create a Row with a single column, add the button to the Row, and then save the Row.

Can we save HTML blocks just like we would save Rows?

Yes. To save an HTML block, create a Row with a single column, add the HTML block to the Row, and then save the Row.

Converting Emails: Legacy vs New Composer  

With old emails living in Legacy, will there be an option to convert that to the new editor? Or will we have to completely recreate those emails?

We do not anticipate having a conversion tool so legacy emails and templates will need to be manually re-created in the new composer. You can keep your draft, template, and/or triggered emails as-is (i.e., you can still edit them with the legacy composer). After our GA release, we will communicate any content conversion timelines but for now, you don’t need to take any action.

Can we edit existing email templates in the new composer? 

Emails created in one composer cannot be edited in the other. We do not anticipate having a conversion tool so legacy emails and templates will need to be manually re-created in the new composer.

Copying Email Recipients 

In the test email sends, once we add an email address as a recipient, will that email address be saved for future use?

No. If you add a recipient to a test send individually, that person will not be added to your contact list.

If I sent to a certain couple of segments in a past email (using the new template) can I duplicate that sent email and the segments will carry over so I don’t have to manually add them each time

No. Recipients are not copied when a sent email is copied.

Viewing HTML Code

Are we not able to click on a block & edit the HTML in it anymore? Can we view/edit the code for the new Row properties like stacking and vertical alignment?

You can edit the HTML for an HTML block but not the entire email. You can select an HTML block and go into the HTML settings for that block but you cannot go into the HTML settings from another block type and edit.

With the new Email Composer, are we still able to download the creatives / HTML code?

Yes. Go to Preview and click on “Download HTML” at the bottom right of the screen.

Dynamic Content

Will dynamic content blocks work the same as they do now?

Mostly they are the same; however, there is no “else” option. See more here.

Dynamic Content no longer has an else statement. What happens when people do not meet the conditions of new conditional content? They see nothing if there is no ELSE?

Yes. If a recipient does not meet a dynamic content condition, there is no fallback content. However, you could create two mutually exclusive IF conditions to catch all recipients.

Event Block

Are we still able to add a calendar item to our emails?

This feature is coming and will be supported in our GA release.

The lack of a time & place button won't affect webinar confirmation emails because we still have access to the old email composer?

Correct. We are currently in the process of making Webinars compatible with the new composer. Also, we will be supporting the time and place block in our GA release.

Background Images

Can you add background images?

Yes. You can add background images for Rows or the entire email. See more here.

Will background images on Rows be viewed in Outlook Desktop?

Certain versions of Outlook do not support background images. See more here.

Email Creation

Can you add a default salutation to the personalization in the new subject line feature?

Yes. You can add a fallback/default value for subject line personalization.

Will it be possible to round images similar to how we are now able to round content areas? 

No. You cannot round the corners of an image.

How are headers and footers handled in the new builder?

Mostly the same as previously. You can select and place any header or footer that is available in your account.

Can you add CTA buttons on top of graphics?

Yes. You can stack content blocks within a column of a Row.

Do you recommend designing in an Adobe program or using Act-On?

Creating your email directly within Act-On will most likely lead to the best results. We will have an Upload HTML feature available after our GA release. If you need help with designing emails or using the new email editor, reach out to support for hands-on help. 

For stacking, if we have an image in the left column and copy in the right, can we control, for example, if, on mobile, the image will display full width or not?

The stacking feature will control how two side-by-side images in a Row are shown when stacked on a mobile device. The left side image can be on top or below the right side image.

Is there a way to condense/resize a table?

Tables can be configured for the number of Rows and columns.

Is there an AI composer that helps with creative (writing and/or design)?

Yes. There is an AI Create content block available.

Will old syntax still work for personalization?

Yes. You can still type in “{{First.Name}}” in the subject line for example, and it will be converted to the new format.

Can I set pixel dimensions for images?

The new composer does not support changing the image dimensions directly; however, you can use the % width and content block padding options to change the size of the image.

Why are the font sizes different in the new Email Composer?

The legacy email composer used 'point' font sizing & the new Email Composer uses 'pixel' font sizing:

New Email Composer FAQs 01.png

  • 1 pixel (px) is usually assumed to be 1/96th of an inch
  • 1 point (pt) is assumed to be 1/72nd of an inch.

For example, 16px = 12pt.


Any plans for changes on reporting or is the BETA for the composer only?

No. There are no reporting changes included in the new composer release.

Is auto-save optional? In the case of experimenting with layouts?

No. Auto-Save runs automatically; however, you can use Undo/Redo to undo changes you have made and go back to a prior restore point.

We use the Preview Text field and the Survey/Poll block quite a lot. Are these supported in the new composer?

You can preview personalizations in the new composer. The Survey/Poll block will be included in our GA release.

Is there an estimate for when the GA release will be?

Not yet. We’ll know more in May.

Will you be able to embed videos directly in the emails?

With the new video block, you can enter a YouTube or other URL. A preview thumbnail will be shown in the email. 

There are improved checks and validations, can you highlight those?

In the Review & Send tab we have checks for: Sender details, Subject, Recipients, Content, Deliverability, Send Method, Spam check, and Personalization.

When linking a URL In the body of the email do you have the same options to open in a new page or open on the same page?

Yes. Options are “new window” and “none” (same page).

Can I forward an email?

We do not recommend forwarding these emails. Each email client will handle forwarded emails differently, but it may result in broken links and buttons.

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