Provide Email Templates for Your Sales Team

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Make it easy for Sales reps to stay in touch with professional, on-brand messages. Create pre-approved email templates so that your Act-On sales users can send branded email messages in just a few clicks. Here's how:

Create the Email Templates & a New Folder

  1. Create the email templates for your sales team as described in Create an Email Template.

  2. Create a new email templates folder as described here.

  3. In the folders area of the Email Templates Manager, click the person symbol:

    Creating Folders for Email Templates 04.png

  4. Find your new folder and toggle the switch to on (show for sales users), like folder 'cat1' in the above picture. A confirmation message may appear. If so, click Accept.

Add or Move the Email Templates to the New Folder:

  1. Find the email templates in the main list. Use the search available above-right and filters available on the left.

  2. Hover over the template, click the  symbol, and click Add/Move to folder:

    Provide Email Templates for your Sales Team 01.png

  3. Click Select a folder, find the folder you want (search is available), select it, and then click Add/Move here, then Add/Move:

    Provide Email Templates for your Sales Team 02.png

Tip: To add or move multiple email templates, find them in the main list, select the check boxes for the email templates you want to move, click Move to folder (upper right), and proceed as the above step:
Provide Email Templates for your Sales Team 03.png


Note: The ability to control Sales Users' access to Email Templates folders using Sales Enable as described above is available in Salesforce CRM integrations & when using Act-On Anywhere, but not in the Sales Portal (for users with no native CRM integration).

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