Importing Custom Email Templates

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Act-On email messages can be based on templates for content and layout. You can create your own templates to meet your branding needs. For a new template, create the HTML and plain text versions in your favorite editor then upload them to your Act-On account.

If you designed your entire message outside of Act-On, you can simply upload it as part of the 'new message' process:

  • Click Outbound > New Message.
  • Click Upload Email Code
  • Hover over the Code Block and then click on the Pencil icon to bring up the Custom Message HTML/CSS Document window.Screen_Shot_2021-07-23_at_2.18.54_PM.png
  • Click Upload > Choose File to locate the HTML, text, or zip file that contains your message.
    File Type Contains
    .HTM or .HTML HTML version of the message
    .TXT Text version of the message
    .ZIP Both HTML and text or just HTML, along with any images used in the HTML. 
    • You may also copy/paste an URL from the web. 
  • Click Upload Code.
  • Customize your text, and click OK
    • There is also an option to test any links you may have and to insert some common personalization variables
    • You can now preview the message in the message wizard. If changes need to be made, simply click on the block containing your text and edit it.
  • Click Save > Save As Template in the top right corner. 

Your custom template is ready to use! For best results when using pre-designed messages, use an inline style in your HTML


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